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Kenneth Ray Tevis Atlanta Ga

A music business degree is an excellent preparatory course for students who want to pursue a profession in the music and entertainment scene - a multi-billion dollar business using a global reach. Anyone with a real love for business and a talent for music can begin to play this program that provides subjects that cover the different fields inside the multimedia industry.

Kenneth Ray Tevis Atlanta Ga

Numerous opportunities awaits individuals who have a degree in record companies. Nowadays, numerous employers across the music and entertainment industry for example TV and radio stations, record label companies, concert venues, pr and marketing firms are looking for competent and skilled professionals on this field. A graduate student of this degree can decide on several professional positions including Music Publisher, Booking Agent, Music Supervisor, Personal Manager, Publicist, Independent Radio Promoter, Road Manager or Tour Publicist, Concert Promoter and many more.

Kenneth Ray Tevis Atlanta

Moreover, a degree in music business provides many students with comprehensive training necessary for every facet of a. When completed with the required courses, students may need to complete several internships. The numerous internships offered in this degree such as record label internships, part-time radio jobs and disc-jockey work also enable the student to get first-hand experience with their choice of are employed in the. Internships increase the potential of your immediate job placement after graduating from the music business school, providing invaluable work experience to the student.

Music business degree holders possess a promising career inside the music industry as a result of constant influx of music and music videos, and the rapid growth of multimedia channels all over the world. Lastly, obtaining this kind of degree allows graduates to consider pleasure in flexible career opportunities.

Kenneth Ray Tevis Atlanta Ga